Company Review

Marianne Elliot’s new production of Company sees Sondheim’s ‘Robert’ appear in a red dress and heels as Rosalie Craig takes on the role of ‘Bobbie.’ Even through the gender-bent casting Bobbie’s iconic fear of commitment and loneliness remain a core part of the plot – with an added emphasis on the pressure put on women … Continue reading Company Review


Theatre News Round Up

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour is set to return to the West End, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the concept album. The re-imagined production will be produced by Michael Harrison and run for 11 weeks  at the London Palladium from 26th June to 8th September. There is currently no director or cast announced. … Continue reading Theatre News Round Up

This Week in My Life #1 – The first one

I’ve been really into reading people’s weekly roundups on blogs recently, which reminded of one of the golden rules of creativity: create content you would also enjoy consuming. So I thought why not try my own hand at it, welcome to the first ‘this week in my life.’   Something I need to appreciate more … Continue reading This Week in My Life #1 – The first one