This Week in My Life #1 – The first one

I’ve been really into reading people’s weekly roundups on blogs recently, which reminded of one of the golden rules of creativity: create content you would also enjoy consuming. So I thought why not try my own hand at it, welcome to the first ‘this week in my life.’   Something I need to appreciate more … Continue reading This Week in My Life #1 – The first one


Celestia Review

What is it? A push-your-luck card game centred around travelling to cities in an airship to collect treasure. The Pros: It is genuinely one of the most fun games we have ever played - every game is exciting and usually quite funny Bluffing element can add to the hilarity Rules are easy to teach making … Continue reading Celestia Review

Disney Dobble – Review

What is it? Dobble but with the original symbols replaced with images of Disney Princesses, sidekicks and magical objects.   The Pros: This version of the game features new mini games with new rules which helps keep it interesting for players of the original, as well as making it more accessible for younger children Nice … Continue reading Disney Dobble – Review

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie – 20/12/17

February this year I was sat on a train from Sheffield to St Pancras surrounded by people with little blue brochures having come from the Crucible theatre - I had a bag full of rather different brochures. On that day I had decided on my dream university and added another musical to my “need to … Continue reading Everybody’s Talking About Jamie – 20/12/17